we stood

steady as the stars in the woods

it’s nice to think that the stars are constant, but everyone knows that most stars are dead before their light reaches us. 


Quentin Legallo ph.


Quentin Legallo ph.

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When you’re in love, truly in love, you never have to question it.
Michael Faudet (via michaelfaudet)

Truer words

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You are at my door (metaphorically
anyway) with her voice in your
nail beds. I can see it as you reach
for my hand. I can see the mouth
you’ve been pushing your finger
into. You thought I would be okay
living in some box by the front
door; the glove you used to keep
the cold away while you waited for
someone to hold. No, no, I’m not
some hang-around, feel-good,
back-shelf token you can pull
out when you’re chilled. You’re
holding out your pinky-finger as
a promise we’ll be friends forever
but it’s been a long time since I
wanted to be your friend. I grab
your whole hand and shake it.
You can’t have us both.
anne, when he moves on (via anneisrestless)

i know this, it is too familiar. timing is everything; time is something that is never on our side.

maybe, it will eventually be amazing, or maybe, our stars will always be crossed. 

Comes And Goes (In Waves)
Greg Laswell
Three Flights From Alto Nido
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This one’s for the torn down,
the experts at the fall

Come on friends get up now
you’re not alone at all.

seems to me like i’m just scared of never feeling it again

i know it’s crazy to believe in silly things

but it’s not that easy 

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(via Thom Browne’s NYC Apartment « Airows)


(via Thom Browne’s NYC Apartment « Airows)

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